Chapter 1
Red = Main Quests
Blue = Side Quests
Green = Random
Red Path Blue Path (left) Blue Path (right) Green Path
Battle on the outskirts Bandit Encounter The Road to the Elf Village Battle at the Riverbank
The East of Goutland Defending the Village Misty Forest
The Road to Jotunheim The Dorcus Bandits The Elf Princess
Ifing Riverbank
Ifing River
The Hero Sigmund

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Battle on the outskirts

Encounters x6 Drops
Giant Bat  500 Gold
Tamer Goblin  wool, jewel, animal fur, log
Giant Spider  beryl, tin ore, copper ore

The East of Goutland

Encounters x7 Drops
Giant Wasp  500 Gold
Tamer Goblin  beryl
Giant Bat 
Giant Spider 

The Road to Jotunheim

Encounters x7 Drops
Tamer Goblin  600 Gold
Giant Wasp  iron ore
Giant Bat 

Ifing Riverbank

Encounters Drops
Viper x2 700 Gold
Giant Spider x2 lizardman scale
Giant Wasp x3

Ifing River

Encounters Drops
Lizard Man x3 800 Gold
Viper x2 imp leather
Imp x2

The Hero Sigmund

Encounters Drops
Axe Master x2 900 Gold
Ranger x2 steel
Temple Knight x2 fighter ring (+1str, agi, tech)
Bishop blitz ring (+5 eva)
Hero Sigmund

Bandit Encounter

Encounters Drops
Bandit (Sword Fighter) 600 Gold
Bandit (Axe Fighter) x2 linen cloth
Bandit (Archer) x2
Bandit (Half Elf)
Bandit (Spear Fighter)

Defending the Village

Encounters Drops
Redhead Erik (Axe Master) 700 Gold
Assaulting Bandit x3 (Sword Fighter) corrundum
Assaulting Bandit x2 (Archer)
Assaulting Bandit (Half Elf)

The Dorcus Bandits

Encounters Drops
Furious Dorcus (Axe Master) 800 Gold
Axe Fighter x3 iron ore
Sword Fighter x3 sapphire

The Road to the Elf Village

Encounters Drops
Lizard Man x7 600  Gold
lizardman scale

Misty Forest

Encounters Drops
Giant Bat x2 700  Gold
Viper x2 ruby
Giant Spider x3

The Elf Princess

Encounters Drops
Imp x3 800 Gold
Thrilled Stick (Lizard Man) lizardman scale
Lizard Man x4 sapphire ring (+2 agi), elf lord proof (rare)

Battle at the Riverbank

Encounters Drops
Imp x3 700 Gold
Viper x3 linen cloth