Chapter 2
Red = Main Quests
Blue = Side Quests
Green = Random

Red Path Blue Path (bottom) Blue Path (top) Green Path
Desertification Assault from the Sky Ophidian's Attack Thrymheim outskirts
Land of the Giants Grin and Sigmund The Rabi Village
To Save a Goddess Vezl Fort The Fury of the Rabi Clan
Rescuing Idunn
The giant Thiazzi

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Encounters x7 Drops
Warg  900 Gold
Giant Spider  monster leather, ash wood, iron ore
Giant Bat  silkworm, corundum, lime, jewel

Land of the Giants

Encounters Drops
Warg x4 1000 Gold
Giant Spider x2 monster leather
Giant Wasp x2

To Save a Goddess

Encounters Drops
Warg x2 1200 Gold
Giant Bat x2 monster leather
Imp x4


Encounters Drops
Centaurus x 4 1400 Gold
Gargoyle x 2 silver ore
Imp x 2 jewel

Rescuing Idunn

Encounters Drops
Golem x2 1600 Gold
Gargoyle x4 iron ore
Imp x2

The giant Thiazzi

Encounters Drops
Boss - The Giant Thiazzi 1800 Gold
Golem x 2 silver ore 1~2
Centaurus x 2 steel
Gargoyle x 2 aquamarine
Cockatrice x 2

Assault from the Sky

Encounters Drops
Spear Fighter x4 1200 Gold
Axe Fighter x2 silkworm
Half Elf

Grin and Sigmund

Encounters Drops
Spear Fighter x3 1400 Gold
Axe Fighter x2 monster leather
Sword Fighter x2
Big Wing Grin (Spear Master)

Vezl Fort

Encounters Drops
Half Elf x2 1400 Gold
Spear Fighter x4 crystal
Archer x2 sniper ring
Big Wing Grin spear master proof

Ophidian's Attack

Encounters Drops
Ophidian x4 1200 Gold
Giant Spider x2 ash wood
Viper x2

The Rabi Village

Encounters Drops
Imp x3 1400 Gold
Ophidian x4 potion
Moody Stick (Lizard Man)

The Fury of the Rabi Clan

Encounters Drops
Elite Ophidian x8 1600 Gold
Poison Spear Curtis rabbit tail
bamboo bow, ranger proof

Thrymheim outskirts

Encounters Drops
Golem x3 1100 Gold
Centaurus x4 silver ore, oak wood

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