Chapter 3
Red = Main Quests
Blue = Side Quests
Green = Random

Red Path Blue Path Green Path
Trouble in the forest Kingdom An Echo in the Forest Endless Mirkwood (bottom)
Savage Forest The Young Swordsman Battle by the Altar (top)
Occult Activity The Search for Roskva
Loki's Advice The Blessed Maiden
Fairy Tears The Return of Roskva
Forest Depths The Blind Missionary
Suspicious Altar

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Trouble in the Forest Kingdom

Encounters Drops
Lizard Man x5 2000 Gold
Imp x3 silkworm

Savage Forest

Encounters Drops
Unicorn x3 2100 Gold
White Warg x2 oak wood
Dread Spider x3 monster leather

Occult Activity

Encounters Drops
Lizard Man x4 2200 Gold
Cockatrice x2 silver ore
White Warg x2

Loki's Advice

Encounters Drops
Unicorn 2 2300 Gold
Dread Spider x3 oak wood
Cockatrice x3

Fairy Tears

Encounters Drops
Unicorn x2 2400 Gold
Fairy x4 silkworm
Cockatrice x2

Forest Depths

Encounters Drops
Cockatrice x2 2500 Gold
Ophidian x3 oak wood
Dread Spider x3 amethyst

Suspicious Altar

Encounters Drops
Sacred Shade 2600 Gold
Skeleton x4 golden shield
Shade x6

An Echo in the Forest

Encounters Drops
Centaurus x2 2000 Gold
Red Goblin x4 monster leather
Imp x2

The Young Swordsman

Encounters Drops
Dread Spider x3 2100 Gold
Red Goblin x5 oak wood

The Search for Roskva

Encounters Drops
Lizard Man x4 2200 Gold
Centaurus x4 silkworm

The Blessed Maiden

Encounters Drops
Unicorn x4 2300 Gold
Fairy x4 monster leather, emerald

The Return of Roskva

Encounters Drops
Ophidian x3 2400 Gold
Fairy x3 silver ore
Cockatrice x2

The Blind Missionary

Encounters Drops
  White Warg, Orphidian, Lizard Man 2500 Gold
Dread Spider, Fairy, Centaurus, Imp bishop proof
Unicorn, Cockatrice, Red Goblin sword master proof
Devoute Roskva

Endless Mirkwood

Encounters Drops
Note* One of these groups will appear: 1500 Gold
Group One: Centaurus x3, Red Goblin x2,Imp x2 silver ore, silkworm,
Group Two:Unicorn x3, Cockatrice x2,Dread Spiderx2 oak wood, monster leather

Battle  by the Altar

Encounters Drops
Note* One of these groups will appear: 2000 Gold
Group One: Ophidian x4, Lizard Man x3 jewel, silver ore
Group Two: Shade x4, Skeleton x3 oak wood

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