Chapter 4
Red = Main Quests
Blue = Side Quests
Red Path Blue Path
Heimdallr's Request The road to the back
Assault from the Underworld Annoying intruder
Resurrection Invasion of Demi-Humans
Bifrost - Defensive war The identity of the queen
Time for counter-attack Central breakthrough
Rematch Queen of the shadow
The great criminal Aurvangr

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Heimdallr's Request

Encounters Drops
Sword of Death Berido (Red Skeleton) 2700 Gold
Shade x4 maple wood
Skeleton x4

Assault from the Underworld

Encounters Drops
Skeleton x2 2800 Gold
Red Skeleton x2 hinoki wood
Nightmare x2
Running Zeron (Nightmare)
Shade x2


Encounters Drops
Red Skeleton x2 2900 Gold
Shade x2 vanadium ore
Nightmare x4
Remainings of Rufus (Undead Archer)

Bifrost - Defensive war

Encounters Drops
Skeleton x3 3000 Gold
Red Skeleton x3 vanadium ore
Shade x3
Nightmare x3
Return Yuti (Undead Archer)
Unchanged Tiari (Undead Sister)
Wandering Fred (Undead Sword)

Time for counter-attack

Encounters Drops
Nightmare x4 3100 Gold
Shade x4
Ghost of Teno


Encounters Drops
Shade x2 3200 Gold
Nightmare x2 hinoki wood
Red Skeleton x2
Nightmare x2 (Phantom)
Mysterious Shadow

The great criminal Aurvangr

Encounters Drops
Undead Swordsman x2 3300 Gold
Undead Archer x2 Barbarian Proof
Red Skeleton x2 Tough Ring
Mysterious Shadow x4
The greatest criminal Aurvangr

The road to the back

Encounters Drops
Shade x3 2900 Gold
Skeleton x3 elf raxa
Red Skeleton x2
Wandering Fred (Undead Sword)

Annoying intruder

Encounters Drops
Imp x3 3000 Gold
Warg x3 maple wood
Tamer Goblin x3

Invasion of Demi-Humans

Encounters Drops
Basilisk x3 3000 Gold
Dread Spider x3 hinoki wood
Tamer Goblin x2
Gore Berg (Blue Goblin)

The identity of the queen

Encounters Drops
Basilisk x3 3100 Gold
Blue Goblin x2 beast leather
Timid Gore-Drain (Blue Goblin)
Imp x3

Central breakthrough

Encounters Drops
Basilisk x2 3100 Gold
Blue Goblin  x1 elf raxa
Cockatrice x1
Ophidian x2
Passionate Kutisha (Ophidian)
Dread Spider x2
Imp x2

Queen of the shadow

Encounters Drops
Basilisk x2 3200 Gold
Cockatrice x2 Dark Elf Proof
Ophidian x2

Mana Ring

Blue Goblin x4 Obsidian
Queen Borghild