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Chapters 1-3Edit

Name Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
animal fur First Encounter Battle on the outskirts
amethyst Forest Depths
aquamarine The giant Thiazzi
ash wood Desertification /Ophidian's Attack
beryl Battle on the outskirts /The East of Goutland
copper ore Goblin Bandits Battle on the outskirts
corrundum Defending the Village Desertification
crystal Vezl Fort
emerald The Blessed Maiden
imp leather Ifing River
iron ore The Road to Jotunheim /The Dorcus Bandits Desertification /Rescuing Idunn
jewel  Battle on the outskirts Desertification /Thrymheim
lime Desertification
linen cloth Bandit Encounter /Battle at the Riverbank
lizardman scale The Road to the Elf Village /Ifing Riverbank
log Battle on the outskirts
monster leather Land of the Giants /Desertification / To Save a Goddess /Grin and Sigmund Endless Mirkwood  /Savage Forest /An Echo in the Forest /The Blessed Maiden
oak wood Thrymheim outskirts Endless Mirkwood /Savage Forest /The Young Swordsman /Loki's Advice /Battle by the Altar /Forest Depths
ruby Misty Forest
sapphire The Dorcus Bandits
silkworm Desertification / Assault from the Sky Trouble in the Forest Kingdom /Endless Mirkwood /The Search for Roskva /Fairy Tears
silver ore Thrymheim /Thrymheim outskirts /The giant Thiazzi Endless Mirkwood /Occult Activity /The Return of Roskva /Battle by the Altar
steel The giant Thiazzi
tin ore Bandit Leader Battle on the outskirts
wool Battle on the outskirts

Chapters 4-6Edit

Name Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
beast leather The identity of the queen To Muspelheim / Burning road / Ophidian Pursuers Demons increasing in number
elf raxa The road to the back / Central breakthrough Dilapidated Road
hinoki wood Assault from the Underworld /Invasion of Demi-Humans / Rematch Shadows of Muspellheim The girl being chased
maple wood Heimdallr's Request / Annoying intruder / Time for counter-attack War in Midgard/The girl being chased
obsidian Queen of the shadow
vanadium ore Resurrection / Bifrost - Defensive war Altar of Fire
wyvern claw --- Residents of Flame World / Nest of Wyvern
wyvern leather --- Residents of Flame World / Nest of Wyvern