Dueling is a PvP feature which allows a player to fight against another player's selected team. In order to ensure fairness, both players team's are controlled by AI.

Ranking Edit

Players start at Rank 1. To rank up a player must win a certain amount of consecutive battles, and if a player loses too many consecutive battles they may be demoted a rank. Players cannot be demoted below Rank 1.

Your rank determines the amount of Duel points you will be rewarded when you win:

  • Rank 1 will reward 1 duel point per win.
  • Rank 2 will reward 2 duel points per win.
  • Rank 3 will reward 3 duel points per win.
  • Rank 4 will reward 4 duel points per win.
  • Rank 5 will reward 5 duel points per win.

Duel points can be spent on the Grotti, which is a fortune wheel feature that generates a random item, ranging from bronze to Damascus. Silver Grotti costs 10 Duel points. So far, the rarest items you can get are super rare runes, which can be exchanged for a specific super rare unit.