From time to time you will get a notification that [Elite Group/Treasure Guardian/?] has appeared in Chapter 4

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Elite GroupEdit

Elite Group Chapter 4
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Undead Sister to be taken into battle.  

Wasp Hero (map)

An Elite Enemy Group suddenly appeared on Midgard. You can feel your blood is boiling for battle.

Wasp Hero 4
Encounters Drops
Nightmare x2 4000 Gold
Undead Swordsman x2 silver spear
Undead Archer x2 wind
Misfortune Shindora (Undead Sister)
Enemy Stats
Nightmare 25

Undead Swordsman 25

Undead Archer 25

Misfortune Shindora 25

Treasure GuardianEdit

Treasure Guardian Chapter 4
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Skeleton to be taken into battle.  

Treasure Guardian

Treasure sleeps in Jotunheim. Before the guardian, you shakes the heart..

Treasure Guardian 4
Encounters Drops
Treasure Guardian x5 (Skeleton Warrior) 30,000 Gold
gold, emerald, amethyst
Enemy Stats
Treasure Guardian 23