Queen of the shadow

Deep in the enemy lines, you finally find Borghild. For a moment, despite being captured by her beauty, You set your weapon ready.

Queen of the shadow
Encounters Drops
Basilisk x2 3200 Gold
Cockatrice x2 dark elf proof
Ophidian x2 mana ring (confirmed)
Blue Goblin x4 obsidian
Queen Borghild

Note*Brynhildr will be an ally in this battle

Ally Stats
Brynhildr 25
Enemy Stats
Basilisk 25

Cockatrice 25

Ophidian 25

Blue Goblin 25

Queen Borghild 27

Battle RemarksEdit

Compared to the Chapter 3 boss fight with the legendary Jon Snow (The Blind Missionary), this map is a joke.

Your main threats, aside from the surprisingly powerful magic-dealing Boss (Queen Borghild) are the Cockatrice and Basilisk. As long as you don't get caught in their debuff, you'll be ok.

Just DO NOT bring Swords!!! Repeat... DO NOT BRING SWORDIES!!