This is the Folkvangr, the hall of the goddess Freya.  

You can obtain different rewards for completing a variety of quests, such as defeating monsters, contributing items, and so on (a chore with benefits.) Quests are divided into 3 main types: [Main]. [Sub], and [Daily].

 The [Main] quests are tied to the story line; by completing [Main] quests will be given Experience Points to level up.More player levels means more Guild Levels and new Quests: raising your player level is the best way to strengthen your guild.

Completing [Sub] and [Daily] quests will give you proofs, items or gold. Some [Sub] quests can only be done once, while others are repeatable. [Sub] quests do not change but [Daily] will be different every day.

You may take up to 3 quests at a time but you also have the opportunity to 'Abort' (but your progress will not be saved) if you've decided to complete that quest at another time and would find it more strategic to complete another one instead.