The Blind Missionary

You have finally found Roskva., but she is surrounded by monsters! Still, something seems off...

The Blind Missionary
Encounters Drops
  White Warg, Orphidian, Lizard Man 2500 Gold
Dread Spider, Fairy, Centaurus, Imp bishop proof
Unicorn, Cockatrice, Red Goblin sword master proof
Devoute Roskva

                                  Note* Gale Thialfi will be an ally in this battle    

Ally Stats
Gale Thialfi 15

Enemy Stats
Devout Roskva 21

White Warg 20

Dread Spider 20

Unicorn 20

Ophidian 20

Fairy 20

Cockatrice 20

Lizard Man 20

Centaurus 20

Red Goblin 20

Imp 20

Battle RemarksEdit

You must keep Thialfi alive to complete this dungeon. Be on your toes, he's suicidal xd.